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Hello Friends
Thanks for visiting our website..
We provide all the dental treatments at our clinic..you may have following treatments at our clinic
1.Dental Implants
2.Root Canal Treatment.
3.Dental whitening for glittering smile
4.Cosmetic tooth restoration
5.complete dentures.
6.ceramic,gold and metal crowns
7.DIAMOND crystal on tooth for sparkling smile.

all latest treatmetns are available at our office.. feel free to call us and take an appointment
cell-9825865404, 9924734177
or just send sms "D" and we will call u.
mail us at   

our website is http://www.geetahospital.com



Our Denture work

Night guard for bruxers(night grinders)

Gingival depigmentation for a confident smile..


After cosmetic surgery.

Root Canal Treatment.

Braces not visible outside(lingual orthodontics).



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  Welcome Guest.

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Geeta dental hospital and Implant Centre.

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puna kumbharia road

ph- +91 261 2858585
  Jay Swaminarayan
have online vadtal darshan....

just visit http://www.vadtal.com
  Keep Smiling forever
Golden rule--To keep smiling forever just have routine dental check up every 6 months
  Do this always
1.Always brush your teeth before sleep.
2.Eat some vegetables or sugar free chewing gum after each meal so as prevent food lodgement in tooth.
3.Prevention is better then cure- remember
  Peace for your soul
Always do some meditation so as to relieve stress and feel good.
one can go for ANAPAN SATI YOG.
just concentrate on deep breathing for 30 minutes- nothing else, try it.............................
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