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  Treatments in brief... 01/29/2023 10:06am (UTC)
At  Geeta hospital, all dental procedures from basic to advanced are provided under one roof. The dental care provided is of the most supreme standards taking advantage of all the recent advances in dentistry. During all procedures, our strict standards ensures that there is no compromise on all aspects of form, function, aesthetics, hygiene and sterilization of each and every service provided by us. Our minute attention to detail on all these aspects ensures that all our patients are benefited in terms of sound and long lasting dental treatments.
During the first consultation, you oral status will be thoroughly assessed by our dentists, following which you will be educated regarding your current status using our digital intra oral cameras. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the work required, the cost incurred and the time duration. You can choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your time and budget.
Geeta hospital Offers Everything in Dentistry:
Geeta hospital prides itself in being associated with superior Aesthetic Dentists. Using a combination of a number of treatment modalities, we guarantee you the most dazzling smile.

This procedures is used to correct minor flaws in the smile including chipped teeth, minor gaps between teeth, alteration of the dimensions of the teeth, etc.

A tooth coloured composite material is used in combination with various tints to obtain the desired effect.

Ceramic Veneers / Metal Free Ceramic Crowns: Both these treatment modalities used either indivually or in combination with each other bring about the true magic of a dazzling smile transformation. All defects including, stained teeth, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, excessively small teeth, excessively large teeth, surface defects on teeth, gaps between teeth, overall unaesthetic smile etc can not only be corrected but also the smile can be enhanced to glamorous proportions using veneers and metal free crowns. Even regular smiles can be enhanced by altering the shade and the smile line to bring it in harmony with the rest of the face.
Recontouring of teeth: Minor alterations in the shape and size of the teeth are brought about to enhance the existing smile.
Recontouring of the Gums: Sometimes the natural contours of the gums are uneven and unsymmetrical producing an unaesthetic smile. Such gums are recontoured to make them look more pleasing and aesthetic.
Depigmentation of Gums: Black and brown pigments are occasionally present on gums. Such pigments are removed to produce natural and pink aesthetic gums
Replacement of ‘Black – Line’ Crowns / Artificial looking crowns: In the previous generation, the crowns used for the anterior teeth were mostly ceramic fused to metal crowns, with a metal base coated by ceramic. One of the major drawback of such crowns is the unsightly black metal line seen along the border of the crown along with a mild metallic tint to the overall crown. At  Geeta hospital, only metal-free ceramic crowns are used for all anterior teeth. In such crowns, not only does the metal appearance and black lines disappear but also, in combination with the right tints and translucencies are made to look like real natural teeth and blend beautifully with the adjacent teeth. In fact, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish visually a well done metal free crown from a natural tooth.
Instant Tooth Whitening: 90 minutes. Brilliant white teeth. Guaranteed results.
Using a combination of the above treatment modalities, mild to extreme smile makeovers and smile enhancements can be brought about to give you a totally dazzling and a glamorous smile!


Root Canal Treatments: All root canal treatments at  Geeta hospital are performed in a single sitting of approximately 30 minutes (unless contraindicated) by our endodontist, to add more comfort and convenience to your overall treatment experience. Upto four to six root canal treatments can be performed in a single visit.


Cavity fillings (Tooth coloured): All cavity fillings are done using natural tooth coloured composite materials. Geeta hospital is an exclusively silver – free practice and hence no silver fillings are suggested or performed
Orthodontic Treatments (Braces): Orthodontic treatments involve the correction of various alignment disorders of the teeth by way of their actual physical movement. A typical orthodontic case can take from 6 months to 2 years for completion.
Extractions / Surgical Extractions of Impacted teeth: Generally, most of the wisdom teeth are impacted (embedded fully or partially within the bone) and require a surgical extraction. All surgical extractions at Geeta hospitalare performed by oral surgeons under strict standards of hygiene and sterilization.
Dental Implants: Dental implants are an ideal choice for the replacement of missing teeth. (unless contraindicated). A number of implant systems are used at  Geeta hospital, such as the BioHorizon system. Click here for more
Complete / Partial Dentures: A variety of options are present for the replacement of teeth through dentures such as basic complete dentures, implant supported complete dentures, cast partial dentures, Val Plast partial dentures, etc.
Gum surgeries: Often, due to unhygienic oral habits, the gums are destroyed with the presence of deep seated infection. All types of periodontal (gum) surgeries are performed at Geeta hospital by our periodontists.

Bridges: In cases where implants are contraindicated, bridges (which are a number of units of crowns attached to one another) are used for the replacement of teeth. As seen in the picture, artificial tints are deliberately incorporated in the ceramic to match the natural shade transitions of the adjacent teeth.

As a result, all crowns and bridges (artificial teeth) at Geeta hospital closely resemble natural teeth and do not give a ‘fake’ appearance.

Professional Clean up: Professional clean up / oral prophylaxis / scaling and polishing is essential at least once every six months for all individuals in order to maintain the overall health of the oral cavity. It involves the removal of plaque, tartar and stains which accumulate over a period of time.
Child dental care: All paediatric dental procedures are carried out at   Geeta hospital including curative and preventive dental procedures such as sealant treatment, topical fluoride application etc.

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